Winners of DICS Lucky Draw Contest for January 2017
This brings an immense pleasure to announce that Mr. Aman Dewedi (Roll No. :8729) S/o Sh. Girish Chandra and Mr.Sandeep Kumar (Roll No. :8197) S/o Sh. Chunni Lal has been selected as the winners of DICS Monthly Lucky Draw Contest for their sincerity in fee payments .They will be rewarded with Rs. 500 each.

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    Khushbu Bajaj Multimedia Student

    To me DICS is an institute of commitments & the best thing about this institute is the coordination of the faculty and special attention given to each and every students.My multimedia knowledge gave a niche to cope up with the current competitive environment.

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    Software Student Gaurav Bajaj

    At DICS, the staff members weere very dedicated, caring, & concerened with my goals & make them very easy to approach.DICS has been one of the greatest hands on experiences...in addition to it, I am now very seriously considering about the career in computers.