AI in Digital Marketing

“AI in Digital Marketing”

Artificial intelligence is playing a major role in our lives, we all are depending on the AI in one or different ways. Like: auto pilot cars, SIRI and Alexa. AI is making our lives hustle free by automating simple tasks or by making predictions. You will find AI in all the industries including marketing industry; for example, Amazon using AI to suggest products on the basis of your previous searches or purchases on the app.

How AI Is Enhancing the Face of Digital Marketing:

AI has changed the Digital Marketing, it is widely used in Digital Marketing. It is overtaking humans in recognising trends, analysing data in market, will help marketers to save time.

Return on Investment (ROI):

IT will help you to make smarter decision related to digital marketing campaigns and help you to develop better content.

Targeted Audience:

You can easily target the proper set of audience with the help of AI.

Increase Productivity:

AI will help to increase your manpower efficiency, by the help of AI you can reduce the costs and increase revenue.

Better Decision Making:

AI will help you to make decisions as per the market and competitor, can help you to make decisions more quickly.

How companies are using AI in Digital Marketing:


1. Chatboats:

Chatboats are also called messenger boats. Chatboat is a software that can have conversations (or “chat”) with the humans, using AI to determine solutions. They can have both audio and text options. You may have utilized chatbox while trying to find any solution or queries on a website. It will help you both client and the customer and help you store the client data and use this in future as per your needs.

National Australia Bank (NAB) launched a chatbot as a digital virtual banker for their business customers, to save those customers time on administrative tasks. The chatbot is available to answer customer questions 24 hours a day, and every day. The software is capable of answering more than 13,000 variations on more than 200 questions, drawing on real-life customer inquiries for answers.

2. Targeted Content:

AI can be used to gather more data about customers that will help you predict their future behavior so you can develop more targeted messaging for them. You can send them this content via chatboat, email or dynamic content via web page. AI can adapt and select the most appropriate content for them with help of their past blog pages visits or read behavior.

3. Content Creation:

Content creation is the major factor of Digital Marketing and it’s not that easy to create the valuable and authentic content for audience to engage them with your brand. Because quality content takes time, and lot of efforts too. (You can read an article on AI written by AI here.) Or the content generated can be more specific, such as the email subject lines and social media ads written in the AI-generated language developed by Persado.

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