Secret Santa at DICS Computer Institute

Secret Santa Event by DICS Computer institute

Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a tradition followed by people in many western countries. According to this tradition, a group of people exchange gifts, cards and many more things with each other and keep the giver’s name secret. They don’t disclose the names. Person who received the gift has to guess the name. This is the small overview of Secret Santa. Delhi Institute of Computer Science (DICS Computer Institute) is an organization where a lot of kids come to learn. There are more than 29 different computer courses available in here and every day institute works from 7.30AM to 7.00PM. During this time faculties take multiple batches.

During this festival Season, DICS Computer Institute decided to do something for kids who are studying in institute. The institute organized Secret Santa event for everyone in organization including, faculty staff, Management Staff, Administrative Staff along with students. Everyone is advised to show their best creativity and take part in secret Santa Event.

According to Secret Santa Even rule these are the instructions which everyone is supposed to follow.

  1. Maintain anonymous status
  2. Could bring Cards
  3. Write notes
  4. Bring gifts
  5. Dedicate a performance
  6. Create videos using Youtube or TikTok
  7. Crete Audios
  8. Do live performances dedicating to someone

These rules are applicable for everyone including faculty members, Management staff, Administrative staff and students.

Event was started on 19th Of December 2019 and will work till 23rd of December 2019. The results will declare on 24th Of December.

Santa of the Day

Institute management decided to add twist in this event so they have added one additional character in this event. The character is “Santa of the Day”. According to the information, a person who would receive maximum number of mentions in forms of Notes, Cards, Gifts and Performances, he or she will be the Santa of the Day. There would be a surprise for winner of event.

Stay tuned for the winner announcements. All the results would be declared on 24th of December 2019. Results will go live on official website DICS Computer Institute

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