C Language

Duration : 3 Months / Type : Diploma / Mode : Part Time

C language is the foundation level programming which is recommended to learn if you wish to make your career it programming field. Through strong logic concepts and clarity over C programming, you will be able to quickly learn and grab other languages and framework that will further help you make your bright career in programming field. DICS is the Best C  Language Institute in GTB Nagar.

Eligibility/Prerequisite Basic Computer Concepts

Syllabus – C Language 

Career Prospects:

C programming language is used in developing OS, System level programming and embedded systems (including PIC, ARM and Microprocessors) and used as website programming using CGI.  There is a huge demand for the professionals skilled in C language.

  1. Software Developer/Engineer
  2. System Programmer
  3. Firmware Engineer

C programming is a valuable skill, the technology landscape is vast and constantly evolving. C Language Institute in GTB Nagar. Learning additional languages, frameworks, and tools can enhance your versatility and job prospects. It’s also essential to continue learning and staying updated with industry trends to remain competitive in the job market