Advance Excel Benefits & Career options:


Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet application by Microsoft and with the help of that you can do all the data entry jobs. Now a days in interviews interviewer ask about your Advance Excel knowledge. Advance Excel is different from the basic excel as it has more focus on the;

  • Statistical analysis
  • Array functions
  • VBA and Macros
  • Power Pivot
If you don’t have Excel or Advance Excel don’t worry, DICS is the best place for you.

With the help of Advance Excel you can process the large quantities of data using spreadsheets, graphs, data tables, and automation to produce results.

What type of jobs you will after Advance Excel Course?

If you think Excel jobs are less paying or you can’t build your career in Excel then you are wrong. If you have knowledge and proficiency in Advance Excel will help you keep in demand and also improve your efficiency to work. Also you don’t need to think about your salary because every small and larger organizations need MIS professionals.

There are some top jobs that you can grab after Advance Excel course;

MIS Executive

Preparing daily, weekly, monthly MIS reports is the main work of a MIS Executive. As a MIS Executive you must aware about the company data and generate various types of reports through it. With the help of Advance Excel Skills MIS Executive needs to send all the reports to their senior’s members on regular basis.

  • Handle work as a team leader in company for records.
  • Make a report of all staff members.
Market Research Analysis

Following and always updated about the market, prices and trend is work of the Market Research Analyst.  Gather all the data extracted from raw data using data analytics which will help company to scale their services and products. MS Excel help them to complete their work.

  • Do every possible research on market data
  • Organise and analyse the gather data
  • Using Graphs and charts visualize data deeply
Data Analysts

Collecting Data Points and creating a meaningful narrative is basic and most important work of Data Analysis. A Data analyst will help you to company in decision making after examines the present data. They also help company about their future decisions.

  • Store large database with MS Excel
  • Visualize database in depth
  • Work on database with skills of advance excel
Financial Analysts

Whenever you see the word Analysts that’s mean you need to do a lot of research. As a Financial Analysts you need to always up to date about the latest investment and business trends. Financial Analysts is responsible for the company’s financial performance.

  • Guide company to take right decision for financial record
  • Keep eyes on every investment
  • Make action plan based on financial records
Administrative Assistant

Administrative Assistant keep all the documents and other data and helps an origination to run smoothly. There are lots of work to do and that’s require basic to Advance level Excel knowledge. 

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