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Advance Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking (ADCHN)

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Duration : 18 Months / Type : Diploma / Mode : Part Time

Objective :Advance Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking course would help students to prepare for Hardware & Networking jobs and better career opportunities in the field of Information Technology (IT industry). DICS Computer Institute is the best computer institute in delhi for Advance Diploma in Computer Hardware and Networking (ADCHN) Course.

Eligibility/Prerequisite :  10+2/ITI Certificate Course (1 Year)

Course Structure & Syllabus for ADCHN Course in Delhi

  • Basic Computer Concept
    • Computer Appreciation
    • Computer Organization
    • Operating System
    • Word Processing (MS-WORD)
    • Spreadsheet Package (MS-EXCEL)
    • Presentation Package (MS-POWERPOINT)
    • Database Operations
    • Information Technology & Society
  • Electronics Component & PC Hardware
    • Fundamentals of Computer
    • Assembling & Dissembling
    • Basic Computer (Word,Excel,PowerPoint)
    • Introduction of Electronics (Analog & Digital)
    • Introduction & checking of Electronic Component
    • Introduction & Use of Millimeter
    • Soldering & Desoldering
  • System Software,Diagnostic
    • Partition magic,Northon-ghost
    • Data-recovery,Disk & storage management
    • Backup & Restore,Restoring stability with system restore
  • Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA Training Program)(640-802)
    • Describe the Operation of Data Networks
    • Implement a Small Switched Network 
    • OSI Model
    • Introduction to different Network Protocols
    • Implement an IP Addressing Scheme and IP Services to Meet Network Recuirments for a Small Branch Office
    • Configure and Troubleshoot-basic Operation and routing on Cisco Devices 
    • Explain and Select the Appropriate Administrative Tasks Required for a WLAN 
    • Implement and Verify WAN Links
    • Implement a Small Routed Network
    • Identify Security Threats to a Networks and Describe General Methods to Mitigate Those Threats
    • Routers
  • PC Architecture
    • Introduction of microprocessor
    • Motherboard Architecture & its Fault-Finding 
    • Power Supply (SPMS),UPS Introduction & Fault-Finding
    • Different Types of Memory(DDR,RD,SD,RAM)
    • DVD Writer,hard Drive fault finding
    • Monitor (CRT,LCD,LED)    Trouble Shooting
    • Introduction & Fault Finding of printer (DMP,Laser,Inkjet)
  • Installation Part
    • Setting of Bios 
    • Installation of all types of Windows (Win7,8,ServerO/s,Linux etc.)
    • Dual Booting
    • Installation of All types of application Software & Hardware devices
  • Basic Networking (N+)
    • Overview of Networking in TCP/IP
    • IP Addressing (IPV4&IPV6)
    • OSI Model,Switch Router
    • Virtual Private Networking (VPN) & Remote Services
    • Peer to Peer Networking,Client Server Networking
    • Domain Controller Networking
    • Creating,Managing User Account & Groups
    • Cabling Method,Sharing & Security
    • Wireless Networking
  • Microsoft Window Server Administration (MCSE training)
    • Depolying and Managing Windows Server
    • Introduction to Active Directory Domain Services 
    • Managing Active Directory Domain Services Objects
    • Automating Active Directory Domain Services Adminstration
    • Implementing Ipv4
    • Implementing Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
    • Implementing Domain Name System 
    • Implementing Ipv6
    • Implementing Local Storage
    • Implementing File and Print Services
    • Implementing Group Policy
    • Securing Windows Servers Using Group Policy Objects
    • Implementing Server Virtualization with Hyper-V

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