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DOEACC O Level / Diploma in Computer Business Application (DCBA)

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Duration : 12 Months / Type : Diploma / Mode : Part Time

Objective  The  goal  of  this  course  is  to  present  overview  of  IT  tools  used  in  day  to  day  use  of computers and data base operations. The Course has been designed to provide knowledge on  various  hardware  and  software  components  of  computer,  operating  system,  various packages  used  for  different  applications,  data  base  concepts  &  operations  and  various issues related to IT and application of IT.

Eligibility/Prerequisite : 10+2 (Any Stream) / ITI Certificate Course (1 Year)

Course Structure

  • IT Tools & Basics of Networks
    • Introduction to Computer
    • Introduction to Operating System
    • Word Processing (MS-WORD)
    • Spreadsheet Package (MS-EXCEL)
    • Presentation Package (MS-POWERPOINT)
    • Introduction to Internet and WWW
    • Email, Social Networking and e-Governance Services
    • Digital Financial Tools and Applications
    • Overview of Future Skills and Cyber Security
  • Web Designing and Publishing
    • Introduction to Web Design
    • Editors
    • HTML Basics
    • Cascading Stylesheet (CSS)
    • CSS Framework-W3.CSS
    • Javascript and Angular JS
    • Photo Editor
    • Web Publishing and Browsing
  • Programming and Problem Solving Through Python Language
    • Introduction to Programming
    • Algorithm and Flowcharts to solve problems
    • Introduction to Python
    • Operators, Expressions and Python Statements
    • Sequence Data Types
    • Functions
    • File Processings
    • Scope and Modules
    • NumPy Basics
  • Inroduction to Internet of Things (IoT) and Its Applications
    • Introduction to IoT - Applications/ Devices, Protocols , Communication Model
    • Things and Connections
    • Sensors , Actuators and Microcontrollers
    • Building IoT Applications
    • Security and Future of IoT Ecosystem
    • Soft Skills - Personality Development
  • Career Prospects - Career Opportunities-
    • Junior Programmer
    • EDP Assistant
    • Web Designer
    • Internet Network
    • Lab Demonstrator

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