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Microsoft .NET

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Duration : 6 Months / Type : Certificate / Mode : Part Time

Objective :The objective of the course is to enable a student to acquire the knowledge pertaining to Microsoft .NET Platform.

Eligibility/Prerequisite :  Knowledge of Object Oriented Programming like C++

Course Structure

  • Introduction to .Net Framework
    • Base Class Library (BCL)
    • Common Language Runtime (CLR)
    • Common Type System (CTS)
    • Common Language specification (CLS)
    • Managed Code
  • Navigation, Security and Caching
    • Tree view, Menu, Sitemap data Source etc.
    • Master Pages and Themes
    • Understanding Authentication and authorization- Form Authentication, Windows and Passport authentication
    • Membership API and Login controls
    • ASP.NET Caching-Page, Fragment & Data Caching
  • Fundamentals of ASP.NET
    • Introduction to Web Applications
    • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
    • Understanding architecture ASP.NET
    • Creating ASP.NET Pages-Web Forms
    • Working with web controls-Button, Textbox etc
    • Postback and View State Concepts
    • Different types of List controls
    • Validation controls
    • File upload, Ad Rotator, Multi View, Calendar etc.
    • State Management-Cookies, Sessions and Applications
    • Handling session and application events using global.asax
    • Error handling in ASP.NET, Tracing and debugging
    • Understanding ADO.NET provider model
    • Connection to SQL Server, Oracle and MS Access and other databases
    • Command and Data Reader objects
    • Working with parameters
    • Working with disconnected data using Dataset, DataTable etc
    • Transaction management with ADO.Net
    • Calling stored procedures from ADO.Net
    • Introduction to Data Binding
    • Data binding with List controls
    • Working with SQL Data Source Control
    • Working with Grid View, Details View
    • Form View to manipulate data, Data List and Repeater controls, List View
    • Control to group data
  • LINQ
    • What is LINQ?
    • Query operators and methods
    • Accessing Object using LINQ
    • Understanding LINQ to XML
    • Using LINQ to SQL to access and manipulate database
    • Using LINQ Data Source control
  • XML
    • What is XML?
    • Where and Why XML is used
    • Using XML API-XML Text Reader, XML Document
    • Searching XML document using XPATH
    • Defining structure using DTD and Schema
    • XML Data Source control
  • Web Services
    • What is Web Services?
    • Understanding SOAP, WSDL, Proxy etc.
    • Creating Web Services
    • How to consume web services
    • XML Serialization
  • Entity Frame work
    • Entity Framework Introduction
    • CRUD Operations
    • CRUD Operations with BO Class
    • Stored Procedure Execution
    • Entity SQL
    • Eager and Lazy Loading Queries
    • Inheritance of Entities.
  • Career Prospectus-Micosoft .NET professionals can find the opportunities in any of the following category
    • Software Application Developer
    • Web Designer & Developer

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