Programming in Python

Reason to learn Python.

Python is a popular programming language today it is easy to learn and can give you several opportunities in the future. Python has surpassed Java as the top programming language. Python is widely used in various sectors, such as programming, web development, data science etc. Python is user friendly, that’s why is popular among beginning programmers.

  1. Presence of third-party modules.
  2. Extensive support libraries (NumPy for numerical calculations, Pandas for data analytics, etc.)
  3. Open source and large active community base.
  4. User-friendly data structures.
  5. High-level language.


Duration : 3 Months / Type : Diploma / Mode : Part Time

Course Structure

Basic Python

Advance Python

DICS is the Best Python institute in GTB NAGAR that educates and prepares its students in accordance to the professional requirements assisting them to get their dream jobs in several. This course covers the need of both basic and advance level of Python Training. DICS offer comprehensive Python lessons with deeper dives to help you build a successful career.

Organizations using Python:

  • Dropbox, Microsoft, Cisco, Spotify, Facebook, Qoura 

Job Prospects after learning Python?

The career scope after learning Python is quite extensive, as Python is a versatile programming language that can be applied in various industries and domains. Career opportunity after learning the language from the Best python institute in GTB NAGAR

  • Python Developer, Research Analyst, Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Software Developer, Devops Engineer, Machine learning and AI.

There are millions of job openings with attractive packages and benefits after doing the course from Best Python Institute in GTB NAGAR as Python as the programming language has taken over the IT world.