Tally Courses- Career, Scope, Opportunity by Best computer Institute DICS

Tally – Career, Opportunity, Scope.

Tally is one of the famous software used for accounting and inventory purpose for small and medium-sized businesses worldwide. Tally is known for easy to use, affordability that’s why it is preferred by many businesses. If you are someone who wants to learn tally, than you need to work on transactions under revenue, losses, payments, expenditure etc. Tally has specific features that help businesses to save time while managing their finances. According to Tally, their business management system solution is helping more than 2 million businesses worldwide.

Best computer institute in Delhi DICS’s main motto is to provide adequate training and the required certification to students so they all become employable. We have variety of Tally courses that we offer.

Key Features of Tally:


This is most important feature of the Tally software this helps to users to create and maintain financial records such as ledgers, vouchers, journals. Accounting feature allow users to get reports such as profit & loss, balance sheet.

Tax and Compliance:

This will help in generate tax reports, calculating tax liabilities, so businesses ensure compliance with tax laws and avoid costly penalties.

Payroll Management:

This feature allow users to set up employee’s record and track their attendance, leave and salary.

Tally Courses- Career, Scope, Opportunity by Best computer Institute DICS

Career Options after Tally:

1) Accounts Executive:

It’s a process of recording, managing, and reporting the financial activities of business. As an accounts executive you need to understand business status, profit and loss for a certain period and their financial results. They use Tally for analyzing and verifying data, adjusting entries, getting data for audits, and preparing tax returns and income statements.

2) Inventory Manager:  

As an inventory manager you need to track, control, and manage the movement, stocking, usage, order processing, and manufacturing of inventory. Tally allows inventory managers to ensure a sufficient supply of the right materials at the right time, avoid overstocking or understocking, and reduce the handling costs.

3) Billing Executive:

Creation, Management, and issuing of receipts and invoices to internal and external stakeholders of the business. Businesses deal with various type of new and existing clients at tight deadlines and requires proof of all the payments made or received to enhance their professional’s relationship and assist in profit and loss calculations. In this you also found financial calendars, database and records management, hours tracking, reminders, and reporting options that make billing easier.

4) Freelancers:

Freelancing is new age dynamic career option for anyone. Freelancers can work for multiple clients and earn more for their services. As a Tally Freelancer you can also provide your services on a contractual or consultation basis to mid-size or large organizations.  

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