Career in Video Editing

Career in video editing?

Video editing is the process of creating and arranging video clips in the creative and entertaining way with the help of tools, technology and creative mind. There are lots of options open for video editor also you can work as a freelancer too.

If you are interested to start your career as a video editor then you must have learn editing software’s and animation tools. If you have Photography and videography knowledge that’s a plus advantage. As a video editor you need to always up to date about the social media and latest trends.

Career Path as a Video Editor:


1) Film Editor:

Film editors basically works with post production team for shorts films, motion pictures and independent movies. As a film editor you need to choose raw clips and create a storytelling as per directory expectations.  Video editor needs to put every footage in the right place so audience can feel the story. They closely work with director, sound editors, and choreographers.

Film editor can start with an internship as your gain experience you can move to further jobs like; assistant editor or senior editor.

2) Animator:

An animator is a creative professional who create motion graphics and put the finishing touch on productions. They basically work in TV, film or video game industries. They visualize and design characters and draw them by hand or with the help of software’s.

3) TV Studio Editor:

TV Studio editors work for larger or local production companies and compile footage for a variety of TV formats, like scripted sitcoms, documentaries, training videos or music videos. They often pair this video footage with sound effects, music and other special effects to make it more entertaining for viewers to watch. Since most episodes air close together within each season, TV Studio editors often operate under strict deadlines and must submit error-free final products.

4) Broadcast Engineer:

Technically this job is not a fully video editing job. They operate specialized tools and equipment to check and deliver sound and images seen on the television. They might work with news stations to edit audio clips. Broadcast engineer run some regular test to ensure high audio and video quality.

5) Multimedia Designer:

They work for the marketing team, they create engaging content to attract the audience. On small level they need to handle shooting and editing part both. They follow the company’s guidelines to accomplish their work.

If you want to start as a freelancer you need to create a strong portfolio and use your networking to find work.

Everyone client want to see that you can deliver on the time, and quality of your work. Having a portfolio will help them to understand what you can do.

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