Learn video editing

Learn Video Editing

Want to start career in Video Editing? If you are tech savvy and keen eyes for both big pictures and little details, then you can easily start your career in video editing. Now a day’s video editor job is high demanding in the market. Video editors work on the raw files and assemble those in creative, interesting, and entertaining ways. As a video editor you need to use latest trends, technical skills and creativity to cuts, audio and graphics in the best way in video. Video Editors can work for an agency, Media Company, YouTube creator, network, or as a freelancer.

Skills you need to learn for Video Editor:

Video Editor must be proficient in technical elements like; color correction, general visual media principles good sense of music and audio effects also know how to pace and time audio and video clips.

There are so many video editors in the market but, most video editors use Adobe Premier Pro, Abode After Effects.

Adobe Premier Pro:

It offer you a clean, user friendly interface to use with powerful video editing capabilities. It comes with the high professional reputation; it was used to edit immersive films like “Deadpool,” “Gone Girl,” and “Everything Everywhere All at Once.”


  • Colour grading is the difficult part to master, so if you are a beginner than Premier Pro will have you with the auto colour function.
  • Premiere Pro’s interpret footage tool allows you to adapt footage to different frame rates without wonky playback or weird visuals.

Abode Premier Pro is best software for video editing because to its powerful capabilities and other features. Because of is user friendly interface it can easily use by the newbies who want to start their career in video editing.

Adobe After Effects:

Adobe After Effects CC is a creative compositing and animation program streamlined for designers, animators, and compositors. With the help of this you can create motion graphics for web studio, TV and films. It is industry standard for visual effects a motion graphics.


  • Adobe After Effects has so many interesting and helpful tools that assist anyone to create engaging videos for audience.
  • Adobe After Effects offer you “Create VR Function” that will help you to create a virtual reality environment.
  • It has auto save function also help a lot in the bigger tasks.

You can learn video editing by various method and DICS will help you to learn, also you earn certificate to show proficiency. It will add some more thing in your resume and help you to find suitable job for you.

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